Saturday, July 9, 2011

League of Legends: Zoomhack/autopatcher

A few people requested bots for LoL. Unfortunately there are no *public* bots out. I'm sure you could find a pay bot, however I did find an auto-updating zoompatcher. This is a zoomhack that finds it's own offset every time there is an update. I don't really play LoL anymore since it's boring as fuck and retardedly repetetive, but more power to you!



  1. Lol is fun for a few times in the week. with some friends, else you get games full of retards...

  2. Yeah, it just gets boring for me after a few games. You're doing the same 2 maps over and over and over again DX.

  3. Not necessarily the hack i was expecting, but since server-side breaches are impossible it was silly to think otherwise