Thursday, June 30, 2011

 Hosting a minecraft server for a week atleast in place of the usual random hacks. I've had some things come up, I hope this makes it up for you guys. The server will remain vanilla unless someone requests specific mods in comments. I will not op anyone, it's not necessary.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Macro program for botting:

Combat Arms

Multi-hack with a sexy loader:

CoD Black ops

Zombie trainer:
Source thread:

First Strike DLC unlocker:

Counterstrike 1.6/source Aimbot

Here's the download link:


Here's a subforum dedicated to skins:

I also have another one, tutorials on how to code your own menus and shit:

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Minecraft Adventure Maps

I'll be posting some links for adventure maps. I've decided to drop my linking as it's more of a hassle than it is profitable (.25 cents per click zzzz). So here we go:

Wordworks Horror Maps: Maps.
Hascraft Horror Maps:
Minecraft Forum list of adventure maps:

Goodluck! Wordworks are especially difficult.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Maplestory Hacking: Packets and Exploits

This post is going to focus more on packet editing/sending and game exploits than actual program hacking. Here's your list:

Toooons of WH packets:
Anniversary Chair Exploit:
Yellow Map exploit:
Infinite APQ's:
Namechange Exploit:

Goodluck and be careful!

Maplestory Hacking: Hacks and Bots

Today we'll be looking into your basic hacks such as teleport,flying,god mode, etc, etc. Also a few instance bots. Keep in mind that all of the links I post here are for GLOBAL Maplestory, I'll leave links at the bottom for Euro and SEA versions mk?

A list of all hacks/trainers for global:
Clean files (in case you corrupted or there was an update):
Bypass and other useful things:
Packet Sender:
Jaira Capture Exploit:
Resistance Bot:
Master-hack Trainer:

There's a huuuuge list of things right here:

Remember to stay vigilant! Fight the power.

Links to Euro/SEA hacks/bots:

Maplestory Euro hacks:
Maplestory SEA hacks:


I'll be looking into some maplestory hacks as requested. If you would like to request hacks for a game  then email me at:
You can also forward any questions you have regarding the use of any hacks posted here (forums tend to ignore people asking for advice).

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dungeon Fighter Online: Skill editing, Infinite HP, Hacking to the max.

Yo, This is a revisit at DFO, a Golden Axe-esque MMORPG. It's side scrolling slash-em-up action. Anyways here's the links:
Gamekiller (The site that has most up-to-date DFO hacks):
DFO Packet-Editing guide (programs included and requires registration):
Skillbits Skill packet generator:
Xiaomi Hack (I haven't tested this one yet):
Auto-clicker (useful for spamming pots for gear):
Nude-patch for most npc dialogue boxes (18+):
Working sandbox (great for opening sketchy files as well as bypassing hackshield/gameguard):
Backup files (In case they patch something you don't want patched or your gamefiles corrupt):

Tutorial on how to use the packet editor:

Basic rules you should set for yourself:

  • Do not use max level skills until 24.
  • Do not bring party members you don't know with you hacking.
  • Do not use your awakening until 30.
  • Do not hack until you're 14.
  • Do not look at porn till you're 18+. Sneaky fuckers.

Goodluck guys.

Vindictus Hacks!

I know, I know! I put it off for too long, so here we go. Tons of fucking links to rape vindictus. The capabilities to max your dark knight path, one hit kills, easy breakoffs, and tons of other awesome shit!

HFS Editing tutorial:
Infinite Path exp:
How to play Vindictus outside of North America:
Pie Bundle (tons of keybinded hacks):
Public Console:
Known working command list + keybinding tutorial:
Nude Mod (18+):
Queen farming bot:

I hope all of this makes up for my absence. Fight the power.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Dungeon Fighter Online: Speed Leveling to 30+

This is a quick and often overlooked method of pushing out your fatigue points quickly for tons of exp/items so you can move on to more productive things. Remember that fatigue points are character based so you can make multiple characters across multiple accounts to make tons of money with 0 effort.

The trick is to use cheat engine 6.0 or MHS speed hacks to speed up the game while in a dungeon with GSD. GSD cannot die and will blow everything away nearly instantly at 12x speed, yielding tons of items and experience. The trick here is: DO NOT KILL THE LAST BOSS! If you leave dungeon before the last boss you can go in with GSD over and over again. Do this until you feel the exp gain is no longer worth it and then move on to the next GSD dungeon. Never complete the GSD castellan quest as this is the most profitable! Keep in mind that GSD will NOT spawn if you force Hell mode, however if hell mode spawns naturally then GSD will stay in the dungeon with you!

I'll leave links below:

DFO Website:
CE 6.0: 
A Youtube video I made as an example:

More coming later today or tomorrow! Our next visit will be Vindictus. A source based Action RPG!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Prius Online: Anima Redux Attack Speedhack

I'll be giving you guys a few links in this one. Cheat Engine 6.0, MHS by L. Spiro, and a link to a youtube video showing you how to gain a ridiculous attack speed in prius online.

Cheat Engine:

Memory Hacking Software:

Youtube Tutorial:

How to get past an IP ban.

Hit the windows key and click Run... or click the search bar on windows 7. Type in CMD and click ok. A black command prompt window should show up. Type in ipconfig release, this should take a little while to finish. After it is done type in ipconfig renew. This resets your connection to your ISP and gives you a new IP address.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Guild Wars Wiki

Unofficial guild wars wiki. Check this out if you're thinking about playing guild wars 2.


Gamekiller is another MMO focused hacking forum. These guys are pretty elitist so try not to beg or be too rude. Discretion is your ally. GK is useful for MMOs like Maplestory, Dungeon Fighter Online, Gunz, Combat Arms, Gunbound etc. More casual mmo's than grindfests. I'll post the link below.

MPGH - Multiplayer Gaming Hack Forums

These guys have vindictus hacks, Call of Duty hacks, Gunz hacks, Guild Wars hacks, WoW hacks, Maplestory hacks, etc, etc.
They're a bit slow in public releases, but if the game is popular all you have to do is register to have access to public hacks. As always with any hacking site/blog, know that you use hacks at your own risk. If you get banned then fucking deal with it.