Monday, June 13, 2011

Dungeon Fighter Online: Speed Leveling to 30+

This is a quick and often overlooked method of pushing out your fatigue points quickly for tons of exp/items so you can move on to more productive things. Remember that fatigue points are character based so you can make multiple characters across multiple accounts to make tons of money with 0 effort.

The trick is to use cheat engine 6.0 or MHS speed hacks to speed up the game while in a dungeon with GSD. GSD cannot die and will blow everything away nearly instantly at 12x speed, yielding tons of items and experience. The trick here is: DO NOT KILL THE LAST BOSS! If you leave dungeon before the last boss you can go in with GSD over and over again. Do this until you feel the exp gain is no longer worth it and then move on to the next GSD dungeon. Never complete the GSD castellan quest as this is the most profitable! Keep in mind that GSD will NOT spawn if you force Hell mode, however if hell mode spawns naturally then GSD will stay in the dungeon with you!

I'll leave links below:

DFO Website:
CE 6.0: 
A Youtube video I made as an example:

More coming later today or tomorrow! Our next visit will be Vindictus. A source based Action RPG!

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