Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Vindictus Hacks!

I know, I know! I put it off for too long, so here we go. Tons of fucking links to rape vindictus. The capabilities to max your dark knight path, one hit kills, easy breakoffs, and tons of other awesome shit!

HFS Editing tutorial: http://adf.ly/1schM
Infinite Path exp: http://adf.ly/1scjd
How to play Vindictus outside of North America: http://adf.ly/1scke
Pie Bundle (tons of keybinded hacks): http://adf.ly/1scm0
Public Console: http://adf.ly/1scnR
Known working command list + keybinding tutorial: http://adf.ly/1scnq
Nude Mod (18+): http://adf.ly/1scol
Queen farming bot: http://adf.ly/1scrP

I hope all of this makes up for my absence. Fight the power.


  1. um im confused.....it just makes me download a download manager

  2. You're clicking on an advertisement. Click "skip this ad" at the top right.

  3. or just go to MPGH directly and get the files from the source instead of paying this guy to leech all the content that he put forth no effort into making.
    Why pay him when you could donate to the person who's hacks you're using.

  4. I get paid .001 cents per click on my links, not everyone has the connections/resources to find these sights. I simply compile them together for a (very) meager amount of money. I've yet to even make a dollar from all of my links combined, but enjoy raging bro, I've rewritten several bots you've probably used :\