Saturday, July 30, 2011

Vindictus Multihack/Bot Package

This is a collection of tools for both farming money, AP, and experience. I average 15 million over night and I hit the level cap (70) in a little over a week. Keep in mind I was slacking ALOT. It's probably possible to hit 70 in 4-5 days if you're vigilant.
I did not make these hacks, I simply edited a few of the bots to make them faster and more effective. Full credits go to: Exico, HellDemon, Pie, Nicdel, and dumblet at MPGH.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Lack of posts.

I'm sorry I haven't been posting lately (on any of my blogs.) I'm currently rewriting several bots for vindictus and I lack scripting/coding experience so it's a slow and tedious process. When I'm finished I'll be posting them here with instructions (free of course). I went from level 1 to 63 in 5 days with minimal effort. Cap is 70 so lol.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Team Fortress 2: Aimbot/Speedhack

Once you're in a match use the injector to inject the DLL into HL2.exe.
Insert opens the menu, then you use the arrow keys to navigate.
This aimbot works for Counterstrike AND TF2.
No spread is broken for TF2.
Best bet in TF2 is to run a sniper, do this on a new steam account since TF2 is free-2-play now.


Sunday, July 17, 2011


Own a cracked Wii? Xbox? PS3? PSP maybe? Previously it took a shitload of effort to hard mod a psp. Pandora Batteries and whatnot. However, it seems sony being the intelligent assholes that they are, left PSP rootkeys in the PS3. What does this mean? It means PSP is now completely moddable, custom apps, play ISO files directly from memory, etc. In other words: THE PSP SCENE IS NO LONGER DEAD! Here's a link to the forum post that pretty much explains it all:

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Starcraft 2 Trainer

-->Download Link<--
This is the first ever cross platform trainer for StarCraft II! It's a simple to use and is here to aid gameplay. As with other trains do NOT use this when other human players are in the game or you will be desynchronized. So use this only in Campaign, Single player, or in Cooperative (all teammates have left).

Just a note, if you are using this for CAMPAIGN or CUSTOM games, and you leave the game half way through. You will NOT be able to load the game again. This shouldn't be a surprise because you cheated in the game, and the game doesn't know how to handle the changes you made.

This trainer will always be safe from Warden because it doesn't inject anything.

  • Maphack
  • Disable Techtree
  • Instant Win (doesn't work in Campaign or Challenges)
  • Minerals
  • Vespene
  • Terrazine
  • Custom Resources
  • Credits (can't use in campaign?)
  • Supply
  • Infinite Resources
  • Healing (you take 0 damage) (works in Lost Viking)
  • Increased Damage (you do 1000x more) (works in Lost Viking)
  • Fast Construction (Building/Training/Upgrading)

As with all posts from forums: You need to register to see download links! Enjoy guys.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Minecraft: Multihack

This hack has god-mode/speed hacks/instant mining as well as a variety of other tools. Don't abuse it in multiplayer! Getting banned from your favorite server sucks!TGH Zero.'s Avatar


Saturday, July 9, 2011

League of Legends: Zoomhack/autopatcher

A few people requested bots for LoL. Unfortunately there are no *public* bots out. I'm sure you could find a pay bot, however I did find an auto-updating zoompatcher. This is a zoomhack that finds it's own offset every time there is an update. I don't really play LoL anymore since it's boring as fuck and retardedly repetetive, but more power to you!


Friday, July 8, 2011

Sleep Hack!

Do you start every morning with an internal argument over whether or not to hit the snooze button on your alarm clock again? Do you struggle to fall asleep at night and end up catching a “second wind” that lands you on the couch watching TV at 4am? If so, this sleep hack is for you.
Sure the term “hack” has been used a lot. But in terms of simplification of a very complex process into two quick steps, this hack takes a very large cake. Keep reading to see what I mean.
I stumbled upon this sleep hack weeks ago. Like some of the better hacks in existence, this one was unearthed by necessity. I’d reduced my belongings to fit into two carry-on’s (another post entirely) and headed to work in Boston.
I’d only given myself 6 days to find a place to live and it wasn’t until my final day of searching that I finally found an apartment. It was cheap. It had a bed and desk. It was Sunday night. By the time I’d signed a lease it was too late to go shopping for bedding. There was a clean fitted sheet in the bedroom closet that fit the mattress. I had no soft pillows, no 1200 thread count sheets, and no down comforter.
I took the bath towel from my bag, folded it a few times, and used it as a pillow. It was a warm night and I slept easily. I woke in the early morning chill of darkness. It was 5am. I didn’t need to be up for hours.
But I had no reason to stay in bed. Bed was cold. Bed was unwelcoming. I had slept. I was awake. The day had begun.
As days slipped by, I continued to sleep on that fitted sheet and mattress. Each night I’d get tired around 10:30pm, drink some water, and fall asleep immediately. Each morning I’d wake, grab my towel and head to the shower. I no longer had to argue with myself over whether or not I’d get out of bed.
If I woke very early and still felt tired, I might fall back asleep for another hour but only if I really needed it. Those accidental morning naps I’d experienced in the luxury of my previous bed no longer haunted me. I was free.
I now have a regular sleep schedule with better rest than I’ve had in years. I wake on-time without an alarm and enjoy an extra 10-12 hours per week that I’d have spent awake but in bed in years past. It’s really, really good.
So here’s the hack.

Step 1: Treat your bed like a recharging station.

Get rid of the temptation to treat your bed like anything other than a recharging station. You won’t need books by your bed. You won’t need fancy pillows (unless your doctor says you must). Your bed is a place to help you get from wake to wake in as little time as possible with optimum rest. If you’re young like me the mattress won’t be such a big deal. If you’re over 40 you’ll want to make sure you’ve got a good mattress though.

Step 2: Get rid of your bedding

If you’re really, really tough you can just fold all your bedding up and put it in another room. Chances are good that you’ll give up and drag you bedding back in the middle of the night if you can though. I recommend giving your bedding to a local homeless shelter or, if it’s really ratty, throwing it out.

Step 3: Try it for at least 7 days

One night won’t work. You need to give yourself time to get used to this lean way of sleeping. If you wake up at midnight and feel cold, don’t grab a blanket. Throw on a sweatshirt instead. Most of us live in climate controlled housing so there’s really no excuse for all the bedding we tend to heap on ourselves.
Does this sound crazy? Sure. Does it work? Absolutely yes. I love sleeping in a big bed with warm blankets and big pillows. But I don’t need that extra sleep right now. I don’t need the morning arguments with my alarm clock. I need productivity. If you feel the same, I suggest you give this a try.
Have you tried something similar? Do you have a specific question? I’ll get back to you in the comments.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Global Agenda: Quick leveling

This takes 2 (possibly 3) things. First you need MHS (Memory Hacking Software, check my previous posts for download links). Some skill as the class you're playing and possibly a team. Bind your numpad to various speedhack speeds. Go into 1. A solo dungeon and rush to the boss room kiting enemies. Solo the end boss. Or 2. Go into high security with a 2-4 man robo party and set up a wall in a corner of the boss room and roflstomp everything that chases you in. Don't get banned for using this shit in pvp!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Minecraft autoupdater

This will let you update your minecraft (without buying it) as far as I know: Download. You need to register for the site to download it. Sorry for keeping this so concise but if you checked my other blogs you would know that I am WASTED WOOT! I'm not responsible if the FBI kills you for pirating minecraft. They do crazy shit man.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Lifehacks: How to look smart on twitter

Why should you care about appearing smart on Twitter? Because the people who hire, promote, fire, date, marry, and divorce you will all read your tweets (updates) at some point. It’s always a good idea to put your best foot forward. Why not do the same on Twitter? Why not make an effort to appear as smart as you can?
A “visible IQ” is a short way of describing the sum total of everything I can point to and say “see, this person [you] is really smart.” As a reader scans your latest tweets, they get an impression of you. You might seem smart, funny, thoughtful, or perhaps even boring, hateful, and sloppy. Twitter makes it easy to seem less intelligent than you truly are for 3 reasons:
  • No context – You don’t get to explain yourself.
  • Real-time pressure – Everybody is updating NOW!
  • Sloppy status quo – Nobody else cares. Why should you?
If you’d like to take some practical steps to make sure you’re doing everything you can to seem smart, try these tips to boost your visible IQ on Twitter:

1. Abandon Predictive Text (T9)

Don’t let your cellphone complete any texts being sent out as a tweet. It might seem like a good idea to let a bit of software choose how you complete your words. But only if you’re willing to be seen on Twitter as apathetic and sloppy. When you’ve only got 140 characters to make your point, every letter of every word needs to be in the right spot if you want your point to hit home.

2. Write Just For Twitter

Posting tweets from Facebook and myriad other social platforms initially looks like a good idea. It actually makes you look like you’re lazy and don’t care much for your audience. Instead of blurting blurbs to the nearest platform and letting RSS spread your thoughts, give Twitter some dedicated attention. After all, didn’t you want to add a few words of extra context to your Facebook status? Take advantage of that extra space! Take Twitter’s space restrictions as a challenge to write particularly brilliant 140-character pieces. Genius!

3. Sidestep Stoner Syndrome

Every complex thought reduced to 140 characters will end up sounding like it was pulled from a hookah. That brilliant thought you had earlier today about how the world could learn a lot just by watching ducks swim? You didn’t seem smarter when you tweeted it. You sounded like you were really, really high. All those inspirational quotes about failure being nothing more than success wrapped in bacon? They make you sound high. This isn’t your fault. Not at all! You can blame it on Twitter’s 140-character limits and our common human tendency to say as many profound things each day as possible. If you focus on sharing your perspective on simpler ideas, you’ll seem insightful and perhaps even witty.

4. Mark Quotes Clearly

If you must quote others, clearly mark the quotes as such. Otherwise, you’re in a prime spot to look like you’re trying pass off other’s words as your own. What’s worse, you might tweet an unmarked quote that seems funny or ironic to you at the time but it may come off as stupid or immature to readers. Look smarter by giving credit and using quotation marks “quote.” for tweets you didn’t come up with yourself. Hopefully others will do the same and you’ll get additional attention for the brilliant tweets you’ve been crafting!

5. Share Only The Best Content

You may have been told that you must share everything your friends are sharing if you want to be a good community member. The quantity of sharing is up to your personal beliefs. The quality of the things you share, however, isn’t up for discussion. If you share low-quality content, you look like an idiot. It doesn’t matter if your best friend published an article. If the article is terrible, you’ll not only damage your own reputation but that of your friend by sharing the article. If you want to be seen as an intelligent and savvy Twitter user, focus on sharing quality.
What tip would you add for Twitter users looking to look their very best for possible employers? (or life partners!) It’d be great to know what you think a smart tweet looks like. Link to your favorite in a comment!

Also shamelessly taken from:

Lifehacks: Things NOT to do

1. Trying to do everything

I mention 80/20 rule a lot in my articles because it’s true. And I’ll repeat again. Not all tasks are equal. Each task has its own importance. In fact by the 80/20 rule, 20% of the tasks on our to-do list account for 80% of the value. So cut ferociously at your to-do list and slice away the 80% low-value tasks. When you’ve streamlined it to the minimum essential, laser focus all your energy on those 20% high value ones. Do the same thing the next day. Rinse and repeat. Keep only the absolute important things and let go of the rest.

2. Answering all emails (or calls and messages for that matter)

I used to think I have to reply to all emails until I noticed that not all my emails were replied to. In fact, many weren’t, even when they were follow-up replies to reader mails asking for help. Seemingly, all the effort that go into meticulously typing, wording and formatting my mails wasn’t really getting me anywhere. I would be stuck in email land the whole day long with no output to claim of my own except for an increase in mails in my sent box. So I began to selectively reply to higher priority emails , and the world didn’t stop. In fact, I now have more time to create more high value content and articles for readers, which is a big win for everyone.

3. Thinking you have to do everything immediately

Apart from my to-do list and not-do list, I also have a do-later list. This is to collect the items that drop in mid-way through the day, usually administrative, nitty gritty tasks that don’t take much time but aren’t majorly important too. If I drop what I’m doing at the moment to work on them it can be disruptive, so instead I put them in my do-later list. Then at the end of the day, I batch and process everything at one go. It’s a lot more effective.
Likewise for my emails, I have a “Reply by Tue/Thu/Sat” folder where I archived mails to deal with on the respective days.

4. Putting important tasks off

Procrastination is the mind killer. It may seem like a good idea to put off that task now, but that’s just setting yourself for a jam later on, and it’s not worth it. Get started on your most important projects now and stop putting them off. Out of all the people I’ve met in all my life, I’ve never come across anyone who gets authentic joy and happiness from procrastination. The ones who claim to be happy procrastinating are usually living in an illusion, alternating from “Oh I’m happy the way I am” to “I wish I don’t have to do this” to “Sigh I wish I started earlier” in a matter of seconds.

5. Trying to get things perfect the first time round

Interesting, it’s the perfectionist in us that causes many of us to procrastinate (see #4). If the perfectionist side of you is hindering you from getting things done in the first place, that’s something you should look into. Get into the notion of ‘drafts’ – let yourself work on a 1st draft, where you work on the core content, then return for a 2nd or 3rd draft where you iron out the little details. Give yourself the permission to make mistakes which you can correct later on. It’s much easier this way than trying to get everything right in the 1st version. I do this when writing my articles and my books and my productivity is higher.

6. Being hung up over details

Being detail oriented is good. I’m a very detail oriented person myself. However, don’t be so obsessed with details that it holds you back. Does this matter a year from now? 3 years from now? 5 years? If not, then maybe it’s  not worth worrying so much about it now. Go for the bigger picture; that’s more important to you.

7. Not having clear goals

Do you know your goals for this month? How about your goals for this year? And the next year? If you can answer these 3 questions with absolute certainty and conciseness, then you’re good to go. Otherwise, perhaps it’s good to spend some time to think over them. While it may take a bit of time in the beginning, after you work out your priorities, your days become very sharp and focused. I have clear monthly goals and targets which I work toward and review every week, and these help me to stay on track towards my long-term goals. This month, my biggest goal is to  finish and release my 2nd book. Being conscious of this goal has helped me to push away the unimportant tasks and prioritize the ones essential for the launch, so I can meet the launch timing. Right now everything is going on track and I’m excited to see the final outcome. 

8. Not taking breaks

Humans are not robots. While robots can sustain constant output over a long period of time, we need to rest and recharge. So schedule a short break in between your work hours, say for 5 or 10 minutes, and take a breather. You’ll find your focus markedly higher when you return.

9. Trying to please everyone

I like this quote by Colin Powell, which says “Trying to get everyone to like you is a sign of mediocrity”. You’re never going to be able to control what others think, so don’t spend too much time sweating over it. Instead, work on the things you have control over – yourself, your emotions, your thoughts and your actions. Spend your energy in the creation process, and on people who do deserve your attention and love. Try it for a week – You’ll find it’s a lot more rewarding this way.

How about you?

Which of the 9 items in the not-do list above apply to you? Do you have anything that will increase your productivity markedly once you stop doing them? Share in the comments area.

Shamelessly stolen from:

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Gunz: Anon.DLL

Basic multihack DLL, you need to register to view download links. I haven't tested it so if anyone gets around to it let me know how it pans out:

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Vindictus: Money making guide.

[GUIDE] To Making Money

This is a little guide i put together to help you all decide the way you want to go about making money. I Will list some of the best ways including how/where to do it. Hope this is helpful.

ORES: Farming ores is the safest and easiest way of making money. It is slow but with time and effort it will add up quickly. At lower level battles the best place to farm ores would be Nightmare at the Ruins. Here you get 3 ore deposits which drop regular and fine iron, copper, and sometimes silver and gold. Plus if you can handle it solo you get 20 ap a run high exp and about 10kg. The other place for the higher levels is the Forest Ruins. The giant hemdrills drop anywhere from 1-4 superior iron ores a run which add up quick especially if your using the great releases that are here on the site. Turn those superiors into exquisite and flood the market with them. The second map of Fruitful has two ore spots right next to each other close to the entrance. They drop superior iron, fine tin, and other ores very nicely. Exquisite ranges but is usually 70k+ a pop. 100x70k = Your rich. To some peoples standards anyways. ^^If you have other ideas/places for farming ores let me know and i will add the info plus give credits.

RARE DROPS: Here i will list all the rare materials/drops that are worth anything and tell you where to get them. It's a good idea to up your luck as much as you can when you choose to make money this way. Better luck = better drops.


Low level
Shadow Fang
Enhancement Elixir Epic Enhancement Stone Enhancement Elixir Epic Enhancement Stone

Life Erg Crystal,Spirit Remnant, Magic Powder, Mana Dust, Enhancement Stone, Ruins Erg Crystal, Bryialne Heart, Blessed Magic Powder, Eternity Erg Crystal

Cunning Etunoch
Sweetie Bear Gloves +1, Sweetie Bear Boots

Mid level

The Blood Drinker
Vampire Spell Book, Blood Prince Helm, Rose Drop Beret, Epic Enhancement Stone, Enhancement Elixir, Advanced Enhancement Stone

The Reaper
Rose Drop Frill Skirt, Rose Drop Tube Top, Blood Prince Breastplate

The Moonchopper
Resenlian's Spell Book

Frost Stone Yeti
Ice Crystal, Flaming Ice Crystal

High Level

This is where the money is.
Most indepth due to effectiveness.

Irritable Egurwoch
Yellow Card

Cold Imich
Soul Essence

Thor Staff, Thor Twin swords, Thor Ring, Thor inner mouth, Thor Pillar, Thor longsword, 5 Star Dreamwalker Equipment

Titans Decorative Backbone, Titans Ankle Gaurd Fragment, Dark Crest Mail, Broken Feather Earing

KichKich Buckle

Chiulin Horn Fragment, Red armor Fragment, 5 Star Chiulin Pieces

Jagursh's Tag

Prompush's Tag, Grey Officer Uniform

Larken Armor Fragment

Kirikam Robe Fragment

Clear Striped Feather, 5 Star Ingkara Pieces

Jirkal's Chest Gaurd

Hobgoblin Armor Fragment

Kanjels Hair

Charred Goblin Commanders Gauntlets

Shiny Leather

5 Star Frostheart Gloves, Keser Armor Fragment

If you know any other equipment drops or high cost items i missed post it and i will give you credits.

CRAFTING: Crafting is a great way to SAVE money. You can craft your own feathers, potions, materials, and other things that you would normally need to buy from the stores or marketplace. When you buy equipment from the marketplace, they become untradeable, which means you can no longer sell it in the marketplace or trade it to other players, only sell it in a store or drop it. A great way to get the equipment you want is to craft it yourself, when you craft it yourself, you can use it until you level out of it and sell it in the marketplace, leaving some other sucker who buys it to deal with it. If you find it difficult to find the materials to craft what you need, you can buy it in the marketplace, the price of the materials combined is about the same price of your equipment so it's basically like getting your new set of equipment for free.

BUY AND SELL: Always keep an eye on the marketplace if you're a true Vindictus Entrepenuer buy when the marketplace is flooded with a certain item for cheap and hold it till theyre scarce. Remember you gotta spend money to make money. When you're selling all of one rare drop on the market you can charge w/e u like. Just keep it reasonable cause someone WILL undercut you. Spend 10 mill buying cheaper items and sell them all to turn 10 mill to 20 mill. It takes time but if you have the extra cash it's well worth it.