Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Minecraft autoupdater

This will let you update your minecraft (without buying it) as far as I know: Download. You need to register for the site to download it. Sorry for keeping this so concise but if you checked my other blogs you would know that I am WASTED WOOT! I'm not responsible if the FBI kills you for pirating minecraft. They do crazy shit man.


  1. Thanks for this info, i will check your other blogs to see how wasted you are hahaha

  2. Minecraft is an epic game haha. My brother paid for it but I just don't wanna dish out the cash ahahh

  3. GRRRRR I want a rig that can play vidyuh~!

    BUT, the first gaming laptop/desktop we get is basically my Partner-In-Crime's. All I can do is beg playtime in exchange for sexual favors. D: